Custom Javascript Accordion

</ head>

<!-- Javascript Accordion Styles -->
/* Style the According Arrow */
.accordion__item > .accordion-header > .chev-icon {
  /* set transition and transform */
  transition: .4s all;
  transform: rotate(0deg);

/* set the transform of the active accordion's arrow */ > .accordion-header > .chev-icon {
  transform: rotate(-180deg);

/* accordion item image fill color */
.accordion_item-image {
  fill: #FF8E63;

</ body>

<!-- Javascript Accordion -->
// define the accordion function
var accordion = (function(){
  // get the accordion class
  var $accordion = $('.js-accordion');
  // get the accordion header class
  var $accordion_header = $accordion.find('.js-accordion-header');
  // get the accordion item class
  var $accordion_item = $('.js-accordion-item');
  // define default settings 
  var settings = {
    // animation speed
    speed: 400,
    // close all other accordion items if true
    oneOpen: false
  // set the accordion function return
  return {  
    // pass configurable object literal
    init: function($settings) {  // the init function
      // on accordion header click
      $accordion_header.on('click', function() {
        // toggle accordion
      // update default settings with the initialization defined settings
      $.extend(settings, $settings); 
      // ensure only one accordion is active if oneOpen is true
      // if one accordion is open & accordions with the class active are more than one
      if(settings.oneOpen && $('').length > 1) {
        // remove the active class from all other accordion items except the first
      // reveal the active accordion bodies
      $('').find('> .js-accordion-body').show();
    toggle: function($this) { // the toggle function
      // if one accordion is open & it's not the first active accordion  
      if(settings.oneOpen && $this[0] != $this.closest('.js-accordion').find('> > .js-accordion-header')[0]) {
        // remove the active class & close it
               .find('> .js-accordion-item') 
      // show/hide the clicked accordion item by adding/removing active class & toggling slideUp/slideDown

// when the DOM is ready
  // initialize the accordion its respective settings
  accordion.init({ speed: 300, oneOpen: true });


Nov 13, 2020

How to use:

Tutorial Coming Soon!

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Smooth accordion that automatically closes an accordion item when a new one is selected. All elements are handled directly in Webflow.

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